The Best EV Accessories All Electric Vehicle Owners Must Have


Electric vehicles are slowly gaining in popularity but are still a long way from replacing gasoline automobiles. EVs are the future of transportation as the use of fossil fuels continues to decline. 

EV owners like that they can drive past the pumps and never have to add gasoline, especially in this age of rising fuel prices. EVs have become more mainstream, and manufacturers have started developing useful ev accessories specifically designed for them to make the ownership experience even better. 

Most car accessories are similar for both electric and gasoline cars, such as phone chargers, seat covers, and floor mats. As with any new industry, there have been challenges along the way for the EV industry.

However, as more people start to invest in this technology, many new items have begun to appear on the market that car owners may want to think about purchasing as add-ons for their electric cars. In this article we will guide you about some of the must buy electric car accessories.

1) Home Charging Station

When purchasing an EV, there is a charging plug provided, which can be connected to a normal electrical outlet in the home. This type of charging plug doesn’t give the fastest charge, so it might be a good idea to purchase a home charging station.

This gadget cuts down the time it takes to charge the vehicle. Although charging at home will increase the electric bill, it’s significantly less than the cost of gasoline in a traditional combustion vehicle. 

2) Electric Vehicle Charging Accessory – Charging Booster

A new home charging station may need to be installed by a licensed electrician, depending on the model purchased. For those that want to avoid the extra cost, a charging booster may be the answer. These will plug into any regular household outlet, but take a lot less time to charge an EV than the standard charging plug that was provided with the car. 

3) Charging Cable Holder

This is a needed ev accessory for anyone that’s recently purchased a home charger. These can easily be installed to work with most home charging stations. They’re normally made of stainless steel and can also be installed in an outdoor parking area.

They are available in many different models and sizes and are compatible with most charging cables on the market. 

4) Electric Car Blanket

An electric blanket is something owners may want to add to their EV accessory list. These will plug into the car’s power outlet and can come in handy for someone experiencing a breakdown in cold weather. 

These can also be essential on chilly days and are a cheaper alternative than the cost of heated seats. Most of these gadgets will shut off automatically after a specific period to prevent them from accidentally overheating. 

5) Electric Car Jack

Every car owner will experience the inconvenience of getting a flat tire at some point. For those that own EVs, it makes sense to upgrade to an electronic jack that can help anyone change a tire with minimal effort.

A 12-volt electric hydraulic jack has enough power to lift sedans, SUVs, and trucks to the proper height in less than a minute. 

6) Electric Vehicle Tires

Although conventional tires can be used on any electric vehicle, it’s always smarter to spend the extra cash and purchase tires specifically designed for EVs. These vehicles are heavier because of the weight of the ev batteries and need more powerful acceleration. 

EV tires will give the car better traction to grip the road surface and will also extend the range of the vehicle. Regular tires with not as much grip also wear out much faster.

7) Extension Cord

When the charging cable isn’t long enough to reach the outlet, an extension cord is always a handy item to purchase. When looking for the proper cord, EV owners should make sure it’s made of heavy-duty materials and won’t have a problem handling the high amount of electricity needed to pass through it to charge the vehicle without causing an accident. 

SO this is our list of must have ev accessories for every electric vehicle owner. Hope you enjoy this.

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