Top Electric Vehicle Events In The World


Electric vehicles are taking over the world, especially because one of the leaders in the industry is Elon Musk. There’s always some news around the CEO of Tesla, and he might be the primary reason why EVs are becoming our future of transportation. In the past few years, the industry exploded, and a lot of events are organized around the world, mostly focused in the UK and the US.

In the upcoming years, we could reach fully autonomous vehicles across the world, which is almost the case in some areas that are integrated into the system of some cars. You could manage your work or check the betting spread for today while on the road, which can save you a lot of time. This is the primary goal for the manufacturer because it brings more value to the consumer.

EV events are one of the best ways to boost the industry and bring new innovations to companies that are looking to grow faster. It’s also a great opportunity to collaborate with others and share knowledge which Tesla is doing by releasing the blueprints of the technology that they use.

Battery Show in the UK

Not the most popular but one of the most valuable events for manufacturers is the Battery Show based in the UK. Everyone from the battery industry is coming to the event presenting new technologies that can be used because it is an essential part of every electric vehicle. It came along in the past years, and there is definitely room for innovation.

eMove360 in Germany

There isn’t an official date for the 2023 show, but in 2022, it was organized in October, and it went pretty well, according to the organizers. The goal of this event is to bring companies that are focused on battery manufacturing, e-mobility, and systems that are used in EVs. Some of the leaders in the industry will be at the 2023 show and will present new ideas for the future.

EV World Congress in the UK

The biggest event in the world that is gaining popularity each year is the EV World Congress based in London. The 2022 event included many CEOs that had presentations about our future and what can be expected.

A lot of the presentations included the transportation industry and what will be changed when autonomous trucks come to place. There will be new job positions, but some will also be lost.

Financing is a huge thing on this panel, so you can get well-informed if you plan to get into the business. Policy and regulations are also a big factor, especially in countries that don’t have many regulations when it comes to electric vehicles.

CEVVE in China

Besides World Congress, CEVVE, or the International Conference of EV Engineering, is one of the biggest EV events in China. They are bringing scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world to talk about electric cars and batteries. It lasts for three days, and on the last day, you will have the opportunity to network.

The committee and the staff are mostly professors, so you will have amazing people to learn from. There’s an option for people in the field to submit their own papers that can be discussed at the event. This brings new ideas to the spotlight, which helps the industry a lot, especially when you have CEOs from all over the world listening to your research.

Fully Charged in the US

This is probably one of the most fun events that you can attend, with a lot of activities and interesting stories that you can hear. It is a live show, but there are organized locations that you can visit. They also have a podcast with some interesting guests that can give you insight into the industry.

Their next event will be in 2023 in Australia, where the main focus would be on new car models and their manufacturers. They will talk about their past successes and what they learned from their mistakes.

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