Why You Should Buy Electric Cars


Electric cars took everyone by surprise because, even if it was expected to happen once, no one thought everything would change in a few years. After the shortage of gas, Elon Musk took the opportunity and made a considerable advertisement campaign for his vehicles which weren’t so great at that point compared to gas cars. The mileage they could pass in one charge wasn’t so great, which raised some doubts about EVs.

Nowadays, you can place the best bets on your laptop while driving a Tesla and save a lot of money you would spend on gas. The benefits are numerous, and things are looking only brighter for EVs, but there are many improvements to be made, especially because autonomous vehicles are our future.

The Prices Are Going Down

Most people will talk about the environmental benefits of EVs, but when it comes to consumers, the most important thing for them is the price. A great thing has been the drop in price in recent years, and they are becoming more affordable for an average driver.

In the beginning, they used to cost, on average, around $60K, while today, there are some models that can cost about $10K. Everything depends on the engine power and speed limit, but available options are more convenient today for every driver in the US. They might still be expensive for third-world countries, but that will change soon.

Fuel Cost and Economy

In 2022, most electric vehicles will be in a good place regarding energy consumption versus fuel consumption on other cars. Tesla is an excellent example because some models can travel over 500 miles on one charge. But that wasn’t the only issue that manufacturers experienced; the infrastructure of the chargers was also a problem.

With governments praising the energy consumption and less pollution emitted, most countries provide benefits for the drivers and manufacturers. This means that each year we will have more free charging sports and overall charges, which is a massive thing for the industry.

Maintenance and Repair

Some people will argue that gas vehicles are far less prone to repair because when an EV breaks done, it can be more expensive to fix than on other types of cars. Even if this is the case, the overall price of maintenance and the number of repairs is far lower.

You must do no maintenance on electric vehicles except cleaning them and updating the system, which is done automatically. There’s no oil change every couple of months or issues with heating and cleaning. This is one of the most significant benefits because it cuts down the cost of maintenance significantly.

When the price drops more in the future, this difference will matter even more, and there probably won’t be too many manufacturers focusing on gas vehicles. It won’t be very beneficial for them to manufacture only if they focus on supercars.

Tax Benefits

Countries are trying to make more people buy EVs because it saves the environment, and this is done through tax reductions. Depending on where you live, you can lower the cost of the vehicle by up to 20%. These numbers go even higher if you are buying vehicles for your business.

Car Performance

The mileage wasn’t a problem for the first buyers of Tesla and other models because of the performance when it comes to speed. It’s proven each year that EVs are far superior when it comes to 0 to 60. Tesla Model S can go from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds at a price of just over $100K.

If you want to teach these speeds for gas vehicles, you would need to invest more than $500K to get a supercar that can reach these speeds. Most of them won’t even get to 3 seconds, but it will be close to what Tesla is doing. In the next ten years, we can expect that most of the vehicles in the US will be EVs.


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